DZi beads authenticity

I am always asked about the authenticity of dZi beads. I’ll try to tell you a little about it.

It depends on what you mean by the words authentic, original. If you think that these are ancient medieval dZi beads – there are almost no such beads in Eastern Asia (except for the museums, collectible items and ancient ritual pagoda’s items, which are not sold). Do not look for such beads on open market – you won’t find any of them.

If really ancient dZi beads appear in trading – they cost very much money, it can be about one hundred dollars and more. A person who has average wages can’t afford to buy such items. By the way, some of ancient items look inaesthetic, they were impacted by the time so much that the patterns on them almost disappeared, the beads were distorted. You can hardly find such a bead. Besides, its price is so high that you will have to keep it in a safe. If you are not a collector it doesn’t make sense attracting such amulet. If you need a talisman you can purchase up-to-date dZi beads. They won’t be ancient. But, is it important for you? Therefore you will know for sure that the bead doesn’t have unnecessary energy which could be absorbed from the previous owners. You can’t know who these people were and what this bead saw, if you need this energy, what if it won’t be helpful for you? Think about it…

As for the up-to-date items, there are a lot of them in Eastern Asia. Many of them are also made in pagodas and blessed by the monks. (I don’t speak about the large-scale beads which are sold much on the markets). Nevertheless, I believe that if the article was made with good intentions and after performing special rituals, it can become a powerful amulet. This is not an ancient item, this is the up-to-date bead. But I can’t call them in different way. These are dZi beads too. You can call them new age beads or artificially aged items.

By the way, the artificially aged dZi beads are not so bad. In Eastern Asia they are in trend. Such beads can cost much. All depends on the quality of the article, old time imitation, stone and if this article was brought from pagoda or not. I mean the process of how the bead “was born”, its blessings and rituals with it. A few times I have seen the perfect artificially aged items (that was ideal work!), which cost 10 thousand USD. And I am not surprised. Sometimes it happens in Eastern Asia, because every person has his own criteria of the item evaluation.

As for me, the most important thing in dZi bead is the energy. I feel the beads which “want to become mine”. And, of course, I like to bring uncommon articles from different countries of Eastern Asia not only from Tibet, India and Nepal.

In my experience I had the situations when I got dZi bead – a really old collectible item – and it “kept silence” and didn’t approve itself. At the same time in a strange way I wasn’t able to pass by the up-to-date dZi bead in pagoda. I understood that it was the modern item but I couldn’t take my eyes off it, I felt it very much. I even was able to imagine it on my wrist in bracelet. Of course, I bought it and I don’t regret about it. This bead “has been living” with me for 10 years, it began to get old because of wearing. Nevertheless, it brought me a lot of positive moments. I always felt that it was working.

The most “powerful” dZi beads in my life became amulets which I attracted from an old woman (who had moved here from Tibet) when I was on a small Siam island. People in neighborhood called her granny dZi. She gave me my first bracelet and weaved two small beads with special pattern – Rui Gold Key in it. She was saying mantras and asked to repeat them after her. I was very nervous and it seemed I was doing it not very well. But granny dZi was holding my hands and smiling. This bracelet with magic Rui from granny dZi became the most powerful talisman in my life. It helped me a good many time in difficult situations. It has absolutely changed my life.

Since then I have got great possibilities – I can travel all over the world, get to know interesting things. I have become to meet extraordinary people. These are indigo people, monks, shamans and people with fantastic vibes. I began to study Chinese. I can understand hieroglyphs. Some situations in my life are impossible to be explained. Now I am a different person at all. The world around me has changed as if everything has been illuminated by the sun light. The magic dZi beads, which have changed my life, were not ancient and medieval. But they are still working. They are the most powerful talisman of mine.

That’s why I’d like to tell everybody – you shouldn’t look for the museum items (especially there, where they can’t be found), listen to your heart. Dzi bead, which is really yours, will find you itself and will work. Remember that a person can have expensive and ancient amulet but it can keep silence and not communicate with him. But other people can enliven a common stone. Each of us has power which is hidden inside. We should be able to activate this power. It is impossible to explain. You can only feel it.

I’d like to wish to everybody to find “your” amulet which will help you adjust yourself to your energy. Let your life be wonderful!


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  1. hey Ms masters I was wondering what you can tell me about a dzi bead with no eyes meaning I’ve looked all over. i will be very grateful and also am looking to purchase your book on the subject about these, it also has no markings but I know it’s ancient.

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply, I just got back from a long trip in Southeast Asia. Dzi bead without eyes are rare cases of Dzi Daruma. See in this video – (For desires, goals). There are subtitles in English, you can turn it on.

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