хрустальные бусины дзи

“Winter’s tale” in crystal amulet

Many of you have already seen these charming dZi beads which have appeared recently. They do not refer to authentic ancient Tibetan amulets. These are new age beads. Nevertheless, such beads have become rather popular among those people who like feng shui. They are also blessed in Buddhist pagodas. Besides, these beads are said to be made using Himalayan quartz.

Such beads are good either as jewelry or as amulets.

The crystal sparkling of charming beads is worth emphasizing. I decided to do it with the help of such crystal bracelet with “crackle” cracks. Such bracelet beads are called “Winter’s tale”. I got the idea of this bracelet on Christmas when I had holiday spirit, feeling of fairy tale and miracles.

Since then I have made a lot of such sparkling bracelets. They are popular as they are good as a gift, jewelry and the talisman at the same time. This is the talisman – 9-eye dZi bead, but I also make a lot of bracelets with different patterns (21-eye, 2 eye, 5 batmen, Dragon beads and many others).

Above is 9-eye dZi bead included in “Winter’s tale” bracelet. Below is mystic knot, a crystal dZi bead included in the bracelet made of citrine and amethyst.

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