Fossilized coral dZi beads

In my last article (here) I told about fossilized coin dZi beads, but I didn’t mention their coral type. So, there is one more unusual type of talismans made of agate sea polyps.

What does agate coral fossil look like?

The most ancient of them are 450 million years old. They were formed from invertebrate sea creatures – coral polyps. And here we can remember ancient Tethys Sea. Long time ago the polyps lived undersea, and then their fossils got in earth crust interior, as a result for million years fossil coral limestone had been gradually changing into silicon dioxide according to the pattern of the skeleton remained. As it is known, agate has silica formula SiO2 (that is silicon dioxide).

 Thus, after million years coral and polyp relics converted to agate coral fossils with the same beautiful patterns. In cross section you can see round “eyes-flowers” resembling chamomile and chrysanthemum (other flowers can also be met).

Nevertheless, it is difficult to get “correct” flowers. It is necessary to cut the fossil exactly perpendicular to coral “root”. In this case you will see the real “inflorescence”, sometimes even “stone bouquets”.


The jewelry made of coral fossils is not very expensive, the price differs. It depends on quality, clarity of pattern, clarity of flower “petals”, beauty of bouquets, quantity of inflorescences, even on color of stone.

It means that you can buy the same in size and weight gem at 10 dollars or you can buy it at 50 dollars – it depends on the article quality. But this is true if we speak about simple jewelry…

Types of fossilized coral dZi beads

As for the fossilized coral dZi beads, the prices can differ greatly. If it is a bead, made in the form of barrel or spindle, its price depends on quality of the pattern, clarity and beauty of prints –“flowers” on it. The price for these beads is from 10 dollars and higher.

If such fossilized coral bead is incrusted with metal (commonly silver) threads, the price can be up to 200 US dollars (depending on quality of the pattern, quality and quantity of metal threads in a pictogram).

Fossilized coral dZi beads

The fossilized coral dZi beads are incrusted as the beads of Tan Dynasty type (you can read about them – here). Such beads are not incrusted with gold nowadays.

As you already understand, the coral fossils are ground in the form of a spindle bead, then very thin recesses are made, a thin metal thread is put into these recesses so that the resulted pattern can form a pictogram.

This is the most difficult thing and you should have great skills because the fossil can be damaged. The recesses shall be distinct, the bead shall have no cracks. It is really difficult! But that is worth it, because as a result we get a really beautiful article. This is a really joint work of nature and man. This is the energy of ancient times and present days…


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