Stone dZi-bowls

When I travelled in the Himalayas, I came across these unusual stone bowls with the pattern etched as on dZi-beads in one of Buddhist shops. I queried about these mysterious articles a lot. They appeared to be dZi-bowls. Such bowls were made for Tibetan monastery.


The ritual bowls like dZi-beads are made of agate. The stone is carefully hollowed out from inside. This is a very difficult work. Then the pattern is etched on the agate bowl just like on dZi-beads…

There is a particular number of eyes on each bowl. This is a very old and expensive collection. People believe that if you place food and drinks in such a bowl – they are blessed by the Heavens. A person who drinks out of such a bowl gets particular energy.


Every person gets his own surprise from the Heavens… One can get spiritual strength or healing together with drinks (food) out of dZi-bowl. Another person – physical strength and rejuvenation. The third one can get stroke of insight – the clue how to reach the desirable goal.

But such bowls are rare and expensive. Not big and not very old of them cost approximately several hundreds of US dollars. Some old collections can cost thousands of dollars.

Nevertheless, it is very difficult to find such dZi-bowls even at these prices. It is also considered that only real old articles, which are made according to special secret ritual, have magic power of energy.

2 thoughts on “Stone dZi-bowls

  1. Hi Natalia,these bowls are fakes.In genuine Dzi beads the white is not etched but part of the natural pattern of the agate.I have an alms bowl made of real Dzi or sulemani agate as it is caled in India and the white striations are present from one side to the other.This piece I have is very powerful and extremely rare.You are probably not aware that these stones are actually heated in oil and this is not a new proces but goes back centuries.In their natural state they are brown and white but the black is much more attractive. They were originally dry heated but this does tend to soften and often ruin the stone.Those that have survived from this process may have quite large cracks in them and look extremely old (which they are)

    • Dear Oliver, you are absolutely right! But you’re talking about ancient authentic ji bowls. These bowls (pictured) are more modern. However, this is not a fake. This is a handmade work of monks with manual etching (natural agate ). Not all dzi-bead have a natural stone pattern.

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