Emerald dZi beads

Have you ever met the beads with ends of emerald-green color? They are very rare. This is a special color of agate. These beads are mostly from old samples. They are very rare and highly-prized in Eastern Asia.


Cheap souvenir dZi beads.

Cheap souvenir dZi beads.

This is not painted agate, as is the case with cheap green souvenir dZi-samples! You can see the cheap green dZi-beads at the picture on the right hand: these are mass production stones, which are presented in large quantities in the markets of Eastern Asia. They should not be confused with rare collectible items. 😉

Now look at the picture below.

Such dZi-beads will be a jewel of any collection.


4 thoughts on “Emerald dZi beads

  1. Hello Natalia I am working wit crystals and some have I finde of this Dzi beads, and I am realy interesting, so I am reading on yours blogs and I am wondering do you have some good and trustful source wher can I finde and buy this Dzi beads
    Thank you

    • Hello, Igor! Some these dZi beads I have in my personal collection, but, unfortunately, I do not sell them now.

    • Современные поделки из бисера Дзи в Китае повсюду,

      • Да, современных копий очень много на рынках стран Юго-Восточной Азии (не только в Китае). Древних сейчас в свободной продаже – НЕТ.

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