Artefactor for energizing dZi beads

“Artefactor” is of course a conventional, symbolic name. This is a 3D construction, made for ritual practices and energizing any amulets (not only dZi beads). It has a magnetic field. The construction is “sealed” with sign of double Vajra at the bottom.

Up to now most of us have energized our amulets using different extemporary ways, and this is actually normal and can be done till now. However, the ritual part of the object activation is very important for many artifact lovers and people who work with energies. That is the ritual itself and concomitant ritual objects of altar. When I travelled over Eastern Asia I met a lot of similar constructions. But the most interesting of them are handmade devices, which the monks, the representatives of Taoist practices of East Asian variants of geomancy or, for example, descendants of ancient lineage of bon po religion use… Each of them has the secrets. In most practices cosmic energy, power of Five elements and forces of nature are used.

Sri Yantra The “Artefactor”, which I propose to use in my practices for energizing the beads, combines the principles of ancient ritual practices. It also can be used for generating the steps to the desired goal and for solving particular tasks in ritual meditative practices.

In the basis of this construction lies Sri Yantra. The sacral pattern is independent either from religions or from person convictions. Its image is made by woodcarving. Sri Yantra is anciently considered to be a sacral geometric print image of Cosmic energy. Nobody knows how and why this pattern works and how people know about it. Nevertheless, it works. That’s exactly why Sri Yantra is used in many meditative practices. Sri Yantra helps to seek the truth and ways, makes dreams come true. The monks often use Sri Yantras in their rituals, when they need to accumulate the energy in a powerful flow.

3D Sri Yantras are often used as the source of positive energy. Moreover, they work both inside and outside. There are secret practices, in which large 3D Sri Yantra pyramids are used. There is room for the person inside of such pyramids.

Sri Yantra 3D

The object or the living being placed in Sri Yantra center shall get the particular cosmic energy and power. At the same time Sri Yantra makes positive impact on the room, in which it is and on those who is just contemplating it. People think so in Eastern Asia. That’s why the provided Sri Yantra artefactor can be used for different tasks, meditative practices and just for contemplating. Here is the same principle as with mandalas.

There is 3D pattern with high boundaries, which have a magnetic field, inside of Sri Yantra artefactor.

It can be the field inside of circle (see the picture below).



Or it can be the field in a diamond (the example is below).

Sri Yantra Artefactor

The point is that inside of Sri Yantra artefactor there is 3D center with powerful magnetic field, which so to speak collects energy in the center of Cosmic pattern. DZi-bead or any other object is placed in this center during the ritual energizing. The magnetic field itself is located not chaotically. It is created with geometrically sequential location of the points. The magnetic aura is perceptible (if you bring the compass to Sri Yantra compass, its pointer will decline).

The artefactor construction is framed with feng shui crystals which resemble the brilliants by their form. They are located in strict order of Five elements which symbolize: Red is an element of Fire, Yellow – element of Earth, White (transparent) – element of Metal, Blue – element of Water and Green – element of Tree. They are located according to circle of energizing. Fire energizes Earth – Earth energizes Metal – Metal energizes Water, Water energizes Tree, and Tree energizes Fire. Further around the circle.

Sri Yantra magic power, intensified by magnetic field and activated by five elements, creates a powerful source of energy. Thus, we have simple but at the same time energetically-active construction, using which you can perform meditative rituals and energize your amulets.

In one of my materials I will tell you how to use Sri Yantra artefactor best of all when working with amulets.

Of course, the artefactor with full point-geometric painting has the most energetic power. This painting is applied to the assembled blank of 3D Sri Yantra with magnetic field to the strains of mantras. This is very long and hard work (try and you will understand how much time it takes). BUT… It should be noted that hand painting has special power in this case. The handmade and rough painting is much better than stamped item.

My Sri Yantra artefactor (mini) © (the example is below)


And my Sri Yantra artefactor big © (the example is below)




Sri-Yantra Artefactor  ©

author’s development

(more in the following material)

7 thoughts on “Artefactor for energizing dZi beads

  1. Did you draw the double Vajra Dorge on the back or use a wood burning tool to make it more permanent?

    Do you sell kits or instructions for people to create their own artefactor with their own painted decorations & colors?

    What crystals do you use? Is the size/weight of the crystals important? Do that have to be transparent or could Angelite or blue chalcedony be used for the blue stone, green Aventurine or Moss Agate for the green Stone etc?

    I would love to take an online Zoom class to learn how to make these and I know others would be interested too.


    • OMG, I’m sorry, I can’t answer all these questions quickly. And I can’t give an online class, because I don’t speak English.

    • I have a wooden blank that can painted. Inside, under Vajra, a special Tibetan powder is sealed. I use feng shui crystals. Diamond shape or at least faceted (to collecting, then scatter the light)

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