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Work with Artefactor on energizing amulets

Today we will consider simple variant of work with Sri Yantra Artefactor using which you can energize your dZi-beads and any other amulets. I told you about this construction with the magnetic field in my last material here…

First of all, let’s clean the space around us, we can do it listening to mantra of Immortality, which overpowers the evil. See video below.

Preliminarily you should tidy up the room, open the windows, turn on the mantra and go around the room with fragrance (sandal fragrance is best of all).

Smoke the bead (or another amulet you want to energize) with this fragrance. If you have a fragrance allergy you can go around the room with a bell, grease the bead with sandal oil and wipe it clean. You can light the candles instead of fragrances.

Then try to aim for the same wavelength with dZi-bead (amulet). Hold it in your hands, put it on your forehead, heart. Hold it in your palms. Close your eyes and feel its energy. Ask the amulet to protect you and to attract the positive energy. Try to reveal your requests and wills to it. Do it mindfully, formulate your thoughts and wishes correctly.

Place Sri Yantra Artefactor in front of you and put the bead in the middle of the construction. It’s better to energize only one amulet at a time.

Perform the procedure on symbolic activation of Artefactor to work with the amulet. To do it “enliven” the crystals on Artefactor around Five elements.


Enliven Red crystal – the element of Fire. To do it pass the lit candle or burning match over the crystal…You may use a fragrance stick which is emitting smoke (there is a sparkle inside of it, from which the fragrance is smoldering)…Do it very carefully, symbolically, without zealotry not to damage the construction with fire. Pass the fire over the red crystal and take it immediately away.

Then activate Yellow crystal – the element of Earth. It is enough just to touch the crystal with sand, ground etc. (everything that presents the element of the Earth). Then touch the white element of Metal with the coin or a piece of jewelry and activate it. After that activate the blue crystal – the element of Water. Just touch it with something wet. For example, wet your finger and touch the blue crystal. Do everything without zealotry, do not spill the water on the construction. Do not drop much water not to damage the construction. At last, activate the element of Tree – green crystal. Touch it with the plant leaf or any tree part, you may do it even with a wood stick of fragrance.

Thus, you so to speak start the circle of energizing. Fire energizes Earth – Earth energizes Metal – Metal energizes Water – Water energizes Tree – Tree energizes Fire…

You can do it in silence, without any mantras. You can pronounce your word aloud on the spot. For example, I am starting the circle of Five elements and adjusting my Artefactor for energizing the amulet”. It will make you be focused better.

If it is more comfortable for you to do it to a tune or mantra – do it.

Then, after the circle of Five elements is activated, you may meditate to the sounds of mantra of Absolute Happiness (below).

So, we are listening to Mantra.

Let your amulet be inside of Sri Yantra Artefactor.

You are falling in the mantra, let all the bad things and all the obstacles which prevent your harmony go away. Imagine how they are going away with each exhale. You and your life are filling with energy of Absolute Happiness and harmony with each inhale.

You may just meditate or listen to mantra. To get better result you may print out Sri Yantra pattern (the picture below) and color it to the sounds of mantra, letting all bad things go away, attracting good things and thinking about your true wishes.

Very often during such meditative practices with coloring Sri Yantra pictures a person can apprehend the truth that is hidden inside of him. He suddenly clearly understands what he shall do and how. It may happen not at once but after some time passes…

All this time your bead should be inside of Artefactor. It’s better to leave it there till the morning. If you colored Sri Yantra picture – put it under Artefactor.

In the morning you may take your bead. Put the colored picture of Sri Yantra on the visible place or burn it and let the energy go to the Heavens. Act according to your feeling in this case.

Put magnetic Sri Yantra Artefactor on a visible place and peer at its patterns thinking about your wishes. Peep geometrically-dotty “dance”, you may hold the amulet in your hands at this moment.

For some time you may leave dZi-bead (or the amulet you energized) in the Artefactor till the morning.

Other meditative practices with magnetic Sri Yantra.

Sri Yantra construction with the magnetic field can be used also to harmonize the space.

When it is in the room it has a positive influence.

You may hang big Sri-Yantra Artefactor on the wall and observe it as often as possible.

You may perform meditative practices using other mantras. For example, you may listen to Ganesha mantra observing Sri Yantra magnetic construction to eliminate the obstacles and to have luck in new projects, business (see below).

Or you may listen to mantra of Medicine Buddha for Healing (see below) etc. It all depends on your wishes and tasks as well as on your emotional state at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Work with Artefactor on energizing amulets

  1. Hi,

    I have read many of your articles and all of them are interesting.
    Recently I have buyed a dzi beads online, though it is a cheap pieces but I would like to energise it with your given procedures. At the same time, I am bit nervous and lost. Would you mind if I ask you some more information?

    Thank you

    • Dear Rara! Sorry for not responding for a long time. I was on a big trip to the countries of East Asia (several months). I just returned from a trip. Unfortunately, now I do not have a finished Artifactor (I will prepare a few pieces in 1-2 months), stay tuned for new items in my store …Sincerely. Natalia

  2. Atma Natalia Namasté,

    Is there a place to purchase templates for each level you have use in the big Sri Yantra and for the double Vajra Dorge on the back of both?

    JennIfer W

    • Namaste! Sorry, I didn’t quite understand which templates? Wooden? Or a paper diagram?

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