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DZI BEADS – CLUES TO SYMBOLS  – Meaning, applicution, rituals (1 to 365 eyes)

eBook, Digital only, PDF – download

67 pages – own author’s work

Appeal to the readers

Dear friends! This is just a part of the author work about ancient Tibetan amulets – the dZi beads. If you are reading it you have an idea about mysterious talismans of Tibetan Plateau inhabitants.

From this part you will learn what the patterns on the Tibetan amulets mean. I told about them a little in my blog

But this information seemed to be rather difficult for the most new-timers. Besides, many questions arose. What dZi bead should be chosen in particular life situation? Are there any sense clues to energies of the patterns applied on the amulets? Are there any rituals or talismanic phrases for dZi beads? I think this material will be a good guide for you even if you don’t know the culture of Tibet and if you are not good at feng shui, Buddhism, bon po shamanism and other directions, which the nations of Southeastern Asia have.

You can follow the basic recommendations changing and completing the ceremonies. DZi beads are considered to protect from evil eye and bring you luck even without any rituals. However, the rituals help to activate their energy and be on the same energetic waves with a person.

I would like to note once again that all the information provided in this book (from the clues to amulets to the rituals) is intentionally simplified and structured for the new-timers and people who live in Europe by their popular request. It is written in plain language without any Buddhist terms.

You can buy and download the book HERE …

***This material is a part of the author work, which is the result of long-term travellings, investigations and collection of stories of nations of Southeastern Asia. This is the author’s intellectual property. It is allowed to copy and reproduce any part of the text, page or book as a whole in printed or electronic form only with the written consent of the author. You can use this material for personal reading but without transfer to the third parties. Other printed or electronic reproduction including in Internet and social network services (Instagram, Facebook etc.) is not allowed.

*All information about the properties of amulets, crystals and stones is based on historical notes, stories and legends. This is not a panacea for solving problems, does not replace medical care and does not guarantee the achievement of results.***

5 thoughts on “DZI BEADS: CLUES TO SYMBOLS – eBook

  1. Hello
    from Paris
    What would be good if I could have addresses to buy some of the items you forget.
    With thanks

    • Hello dear Bernard! Now delivery by Russian Post to France is extremely bad. I’m really sorry. Thanks for the congratulations, this is very nice of you.

    • Maybe try a test delivery … And see how long the parcel will take to Paris. What beads would you like to buy?

  2. Absolutely love this book! It taught me so much.

    When will the 2nd and 3rd book be ready?? Can’t wait for you to share more on your Dzi beads knowledge.

    Thanks Natalia

    • Thank you very much for your feedback, dear friend! I am very pleased with that. I hope to release a sequel to the book by the New Year.
      Have a nice day. Sincerely. Natalia

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