Dzi-pendulum. Halved dZi beads

The ritual halved dZi beads and their application. Work with dZi-pendulum.
You may have met dZi beads, which remind the halves of the whole amulet, as this amulet is cut in two halves.
Do not confuse them with old beads with spallings.
Such halved dZi-amulets were made on purpose. They can be used for performing interesting rituals and even readings.

(watch the video – below. You can read the translation in this text (or include subtitles for the video – in English)

The cone-type bead resembles a peak or a canine tooth, which bears meaningful component of powerful protection.
Here is one more peculiarity.

The pattern in halved amulets is like a part of the whole bead. It is believed that the missing part will be attracted to the owner as welfare of all kinds depending on the pattern. In case you have a half of five-eye bead then these are material benefits. In case you have a half of two-eye bead then the energy of Love will be attracted and so on…

You also should take into consideration the number of eyes of the remaining part of the bead. In case you have the part with three eyes of six then it means that your halved amulet has the power of three-eye dZi bead.

There are single halved dZi beads. Sometimes there are special halves comprising a pair. They are like two parts of the whole amulet and used for rituals. More often the owner leaves one part for himself. The remaining part is given to a beloved, a significant person or to someone with whom you are going to have the shared business. It is also possible to use both halves to one person. He can wear one part and the other part can be left at home or in an office. It depends on the situation and the purpose. This is dZi bead of purposeful intentions. They also can be used as the amulet for business or the talisman for love. It is up to you. In any case this double amulet will protect you from evil and intrigues.

Prices for such halved dZi beads can differ greatly. They can be both very high and rather cheap. It depends on the stone and on the ritual component. Either it is the mass release of copies or the release of amulets with special ritual. Of course, the purposeful bead is more valuable.
dZi- pendulum.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the halves of the amulet or the single halved amulet. They all can be used as pendulum. It is better to add a little metal part, a bead or a cap to the narrow end of dZi bead. Then you should fasten the half to a chain or a string of 20-25 cm length. Then smoke the bead with fragrances or clean it with sandal oil. So the pendulum is ready! Then you should set the requirements for it. First, you should understand how you are going to interact with the pendulum.

Some people ask the pendulum questions of “yes-no-don’t know’ type. In case the pendulum moves up and down, it means “yes”. In case it moves horizontally, it means “no”. In case the pendulum hesitates, it means “there is no reply yet”. There are more difficult requirements sometimes. You even can use letter and numeric series. Don’t be afraid and use your own variants of requirements for the pendulum. The main thing is to be in tune with it. Some people are able to do it just after some time.

What kinds of dZi-pendulum do you use? It was me, Natalia. See you next time!.

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