dZi bead as a Snake

DZi bead as a Snake (or a Dragon?)

This is Tibetan amulet with natural pattern. This old dZi bead is from my collection, it has natural eyes, it is from slate-eyes series. Whom does this amulet resemble? What do you think? Is this a snake’s head or a dragon’s head? Write down your opinion in comments.

(watch the video – below. You can read the translation in this text (or include subtitles for the video – in English)

2 thoughts on “DZi bead as a Snake (or a Dragon?)

  1. Hi Natalia, I feel that it is a dragon’s eye more than a snake’s eye. I, too, have been collecting DZI beads for over 20 years and have old, rare, and new beads. I have been making DZI bead necklaces for the last 10 years for friends and people who have seen my creations. Thank you for the wonderful information with photos you provide, it helps people in understanding what they are for. Lena O’Connor

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