2 thoughts on “Dzi bead Dragon Eyes – “reptile” series

  1. Hello Natalia

    Nice to see your new updates again.

    Just curious, when is your new book coming out? Can’t wait for the update.


    • Hello dear Nelson! In fact, it is very pleasant that you are interested in the continuation of the book. Unfortunately, this year I have absolutely no time to even start writing. After I had the coronavirus, I now have to work hard to rebuild my business. Of course, I understand that many are waiting for the continuation of the e-book. But until I find free minutes for this, I have too much work to do. I can’t afford to waste time writing yet. I’m really sorry. Nevertheless, I suppose that at the end of August I will prepare a Russian version of the e-book on dZi beads. But when I submit the book for English translation, I cannot say. Translation is expensive and does not pay off the sale of the English version. With the Russian version, everything is easier.
      However, I will try to find means to translate it into English.
      Thank you for your interest.
      Have a nice day and wish fulfillment.

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