MagicEnergy shop

Exclusive prayer beads, rare Tibetan amulets dZi beads, hand-painted mandala stones, wrist mala and bracelets.

I live in a small town, which is located on the Black Sea coast. This is a very beautiful place. Here is nice to be engaged in creativity, art, and good to meditate.
I often travel to different countries all over the world. I meet a lot of interesting things in mystical places, ancient monasteries in China, Tibet and many countries in East Asia, where I can learn a lot from the monks and the ancient shamans, for example, how to make prayer beads, magic mandalas and other things with special magical energy. I do magical items under special mantras sounds. My work is compatible with meditation. Welcome to my MagicEnergy shop! I think that my magic items can bring good luck!
You can see many interesting collectibles in my store “MagicEnergy shop” – HERE.