Энергетические четки

Magic prayer beads

Energetic prayer beads – fast connection with Higher Forces!

Prayer beads are very important tool in the hands of a person. The representatives of almost all the religious confessions use the prayer beads. They can be harmonic, ornamental, energetic and even magic.

In the right hands the prayer beads carry strong force! They are able to send your requests and your heart’s desire to Higher Forces. Not without reason the prayer beads are also used by shamans and wizards. There are also a lot of wizard prayer beads and Wicca “witch’s stairs”.

I studied in Eastern countries how to make the prayer beads of the special type. These are energetic prayer beads. In other words the prayer beads filled with special energy. It can be the energy of Luck or the energy of Love, the energy of Prosperity or the energy of Powerful protection from the evil. Such prayer beads can be named magic. Each detail of them is full of special energetic properties: each stone, separating bead or pendant carry the particular energy. Such prayer beads are made at a certain time to the strains of particular mantras or tunes.

For example, the prayer beads with energy of Love can be made of rose quartz or amethyst with pendants in the shape of butterflies, figures of the particular deity. They are made to the strains of mantra of Love. The prayer beads with Money energy can be made of citrine or tiger’s eye and can be added with the figures of dragon-like dogs (Pi Yao and Pi Xiu) or dragons with pearl. It is necessary to know the energies of particular minerals and to be able to mix them with proper details. Besides, it is very important to take the additional elements (for example, pendants, figures) from holy places and temples. These can be the blessed by monks amulets, dZi beads, figures of deities, mystic knots.

I like to make energetic magic prayer beads very much. It is like meditation for me. Many of such prayer beads are not just magic and energetic thing. They are very beautiful and can be used even like jewelry, for example – like a necklace. But such prayer beads shall be treated very carefully. It is not allowed to take bath and sleep wearing them.

But it is allowed to finger the beads, saying mantras or telling your requests to Higher Forces for each bead. Heaven will certainly hear you – you must only believe it! Higher Forces will hear your requests and fulfil your wishes provided that they are sincere, kind and fair.


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