DZi-beads: the meaning of the patterns. Part I

The number of eyes on Tibetan amulets and their meaning.

As many people already know, there are particular pictograms applied on holy Tibetan dZi stones. These are either eyes or some kind of symbols, figures. The patterns are applied for a good reason. Today I am going to tell you what power the Tibetans endue one or another dZi bead depending on the applied symbol on it.

This article will explain the meaning of the particular number of eyes applied on the stone. Next time I will tell you about another symbols, figures and pictograms.

Important note.

The semantic meanings include both ancient Tibetan interpretations and more modern Chinese feng shui meanings. I’ll try to provide the most detailed description. But I’d like to note – as many dZi beads owners say, these amulets can work in different ways with different people regardless of the pattern semantic meaning.

DZi beads and their eyes.


One-eye dZi bead.

It means wisdom, confidence, calm, sense of purpose, happiness, balance of energies, protection from evil and illness. It is associated with the Sun. It also may have the Lightning symbol on the bead reverse side for powerful protection or the Mount symbol – for high achievements. In Buddhism it is the symbol of Dharma, the path to enlightenment. In the modern sense it can help to realize the path where to go or to understand the following actions to solve the important problems. In other words, it helps to understand how to achieve the desirable things and fulfill one or another project.


Two-eye dZi bead

It means love, happy marriage, marriage strengthening, energy harmony in sex relationship, evil elimination. In Buddhism it means unblock the path to enlightenment. For those people who have already found the soulmate it helps to keep the relations. For those who are still single, it helps to meet the Love. Sometimes there are two-eye beads with small “ticks” on the sides symbolizing bats which bring happiness.


Three-eye dZi bead.

It means success, wealth, long life full of health and fortunate opportunities. In China it is rendered as three eyes of Luck or Three Stars of Luck from Three Star Elders. Three star elders are: Shousin, Fusin and Lusin. These three Chinese gods embody happiness in all the spheres of life: health, family, love, luck, career, wealth, creative success.

In Buddhism the bead symbolizes the god of wealth Yellow Dzambala (Kubera), the symbol of all the types of prosperity in all worlds. This is one of the most powerful beads for attraction of financial wealth. This bead often goes together with Padmasambhwara Hat and Buddha’s Heart. Another meaning is the harmony of body, mind and heart.


Four-eye dZi bead.

This is the artifact of long life, protection by four poles of the world, which eliminate the obstacles, protect from gossip and slander, help to promote the career, get knowledge, magnify wisdom. In Buddhism it means help of four Boddhisattvas – Avalokitesvara, Manjusry, Ksitigarbhi and Mahasthamaprapta. It wades off evil spirits, causes good reasons, eliminates sufferings.


Five-eye dZi bead.

This is a magnet for money and career. It symbolizes the following elements collected together: earth, air, fire, wind and emptiness. It can attract the power and help of five dhyani-buddhas, the guardians of the south, the north, the east, the west and the middle ground – Vairochana, Vajrasattva, Amitabhi and Ratnasambhava. If you have this bead you will never be left high and dry – you will always be blessed with prosperity and wealth. A five-eye dZi bead is one of the best assistants in building the career as it symbolizes the help of five gods of prosperity. However, you should remember that the material prosperity shall follow the spiritual growth.


Six-eye dZi bead.

It means luck and control, health and long life. This dZi bead helps to keep down six emotions – anger, dismay, mindlessness, aggression, ignorance and sadness. It helps to obtain health and long life, to accumulate mental and physical strength. This dZi bead is also connected to one of the major mantras – “Om Mani Padme Hum”. Working as the talisman of luck the six-eye bead restores emotional strength. Thanks to it we can reply to the signs of destiny with new energy. This dZi bead magnifies luck and mystically cleanses karma, especially if goes together with mantra. The Buddhists believe that this dZi bead can help to achieve six good deeds (mercy, discipline, calm, zeal, meditation, wisdom) and cross the ocean of sufferings to occur in Pure lands. This bead often goes with the pattern of Dragon Eye and Vajra, which strengthens the protection, inner power and helps to overcome the obstacles.


Seven-eye dZi bead

It means popularity and glory, career and creative success. It symbolizes seven planets of solar system as well as the constellation of Great Bear, honored in the East. As this constellation is considered to be the abode of seven buddhas of medicine, this bead also can help us to have good health. The seven-eye dZi bead grants wisdom and emotional balance, it may give insurance of long life and happy marriage.


Eight-eye dZi bead.

This is a magic dZi bead, which brings harmony and peace to its owner’s life. It gives protection from disasters and accidents, helps to choose the right way. This bead symbolizes the abundance in all the spheres of life, that’s why it can attract material and spiritual wealth. For the Buddhists it symbolizes the gifts which the inhabitants of heaven brought to Gautama Buddha after he achieved the enlightenment. This bead also absorbed the power of eight bodhisattvas, the guardians of eight cardinal directions. Dalai Lama in his turn explained the meaning of this bead as eight Buddhism treasures. The eight good Buddhism symbols are: Shell, Dharmacakra, Good umbrella, Lotus, Nectar vessel, Sacred carps, Victory banner and Shrivatsa. They protect from bad energy.


Nine-eye dZi bead

It is called “The Star of Prosperity and the Heaven Protection”. It means soon luck, deep wisdom and great success in all the efforts and in all the spheres of life. This bead symbolizes nine planets of the stellar system. It helps to obtain nine welfares, which everybody wants to get: sympathy, acknowledgement, intelligence, popularity, dignity, power, capability to control life, reputation and elimination of any obstacles during life journey. It grants protection and patronage of Heaven, victory over enemies, luck and long life. This is one of the most popular amulets in East Asia.


Ten-eye dZi bead

It means luck in several spheres of life simultaneously – success in career, private life and authority. It brings acknowledgement of other people, helps to produce your own services, favors in good efforts and grants support of like-minded people. It gives help of Heaven and enlightenment in unsolvable issues, leads to integrity and happiness. It grants mutual understanding, especially between family members, colleagues and friends as well as between husband and wife. It eliminates obstacles either emotional and common or karmic obstacles. This bead brings joy and delight of every minute life. In China people say that this bead meaning can be described as “hit the mark”.


Eleven-eye dZi bead

It means clarity of mind, heavenly thoughts, good intentions, successful beginning and completion of any efforts. This bead is strongly recommended for businessmen: it not only promotes successful startups but also helps to negotiate and conclude contracts, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort. For the Buddhists this dZi bead is connected with the power of four bodhisattvas that is why it eradicates evil, protects from evil spirits, and puts down passion. It is closely connected with mantra of White Tara “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha”.


Twelve-eye dZi bead

This talisman is for risk takers. The bead eliminates fear, fortifies courage and will power. It attracts authority and leads to success, glory and public recognition. It symbolizes 12 months, for the Buddhists it symbolizes 12 the most important deeds of Shakyamuni Gautama, in Feng Shui it symbolizes 12 celestial generals. The bead conveys the particle of the holy relic of Tibet – Chantamani stone, which fulfills wishes of those who is pure in heart. This bead is very useful for people who are engaged in martial arts.

Besides, people believe that if you wear a twelve-eye dZi bead together with one-eye dZi bead, you will be able to make your hobby bring fair earnings and this is a dream of many people.


Thirteen-eye dZi bead

This dZi bead embodies enlightenment, grants calm and peace of mind. This bead grants long life, purity in heart, awakening from illusions, magnifies wisdom and spiritual power. It will help those who are engaged in esoteric practices and wish to get the patronage from other spheres of the universe. This bead also helps to realize karma and to become a new person. For the Buddhist it symbolizes the power of five dhyani-buddhas (Amitabha, Akshobhya, Amogasiddhi, Ratnasambhawa and Vairochana), multiplied by the power of eight Treasures of Buddhism.


Fourteen-eye dZi bead

This bead is for those who wish to change one’s consciousness, to achieve a breakthrough in professional activities. This dZi bead helps to open space in which new powers appear. It will help those people who practice meditation and spiritual practices referred to realization. It helps to cleanse karma and you will faster achieve the final relief avoiding additional reincarnations.

Fifteen-eye dZi bead

This bead will bring a unique blessing, will eliminate the entire negative in your life and will allow you enjoying the serenity, living a full life. This is a bead of new opportunities, wisdom and prosperity. Everything will be possible for you with this dZi bead.

This bead is also considered to be “business bead”, it helps to those who work hard with people, public, who is engaged in different creative projects. Journalists, PR specialists, artists and politicians can attract this bead for help. It is believed that it helps to cope with unscrupulous competitors, to implement the most unusual projects, to make value-enhancing investments.


Sixteen-eye dZi bead

It means a sudden luck and fulfillment of all the devout wishes. It will help those who are in serious times – it will eliminate sadness, pull out of doldrums and will show the way of recovery for those who are in despair. Having this dZi you will get new and faithful friend, familiarize with new people and forget about sadness and loneliness.


Seventeen-eye dZi bead

This bead helps to understand internal mechanisms of life, to realize their essence and to make right choice. This bead is useful for the people who are connected with literature. It will open real perspectives of the world for you, protect from disturbing private space, maintain your self-esteem and help to sort out one’s feelings.


Eighteen-eye dZi bead

This bead helps to get rid of addictions such as gambles, alcohol, drugs, dissipation and bad habits and addictions.

This bead protects its owner from theft, robbery, break-ins, encroaches on material and intellectual property, prevents from unscrupulous competitors and raiders, removes intrigues and gossips, protects from betrayal. This bead is a good assistant for those who do yoga and inward and outward practices. It is indispensible for tantra and dzogchen followers.


Nineteen-eye dZi bead.

This dZi bead has a unique property: if you have an intention or wish to get something, it is able to fulfill your wish taking it out of other reality dimensions. Moreover, it eliminates the obstacles which prevent your wishes from coming true. The better your intentions the more power your dZi bead will have. It also can help you to understand your dreams. This bead is indispensable for those who are engaged in dream practice or have intentions to learn how to get out-of-body experience and see conscious dreams. Your dreams will be under protection and you will get what you have been striving for a long time.


Twenty-eye dZi bead

This bead is unique because to Tibetans opinion it can help to emancipate oneself from addictions and regenesis cycle. That’s why this bead is very rare and expensive. Moreover, this bead is able to protect its owner from misfortunes so that he could work at his spiritual improvement.

Twenty one-eye dZi bead

This bead is often called a Wishmaster. It is also considered to be the amulet of authority. This is a really magic and rare dZi bead, which can help you to fulfill all your devout wishes and implement the most unusual projects. It eliminates fear which prevents its owner from promoting in career and magnifies his talents. It can help him to reach the top of authority, provided that the man is pure in heart, works at his spiritual self-perfecting and is able to grasp God’s hand.


Twenty-seven-eye dZi bead

This bead is for those who develop psychic powers, especially prediction powers. This dZi helps to clear consciousness, makes it sensitive to little changes of space and time, helps to gain an insight of changes and to wisely use them. It is also a bead of “three nines”, that is why it has the magnified properties of nine-eye dZi bead.


Thirty-six-eye dZi bead

This bead is able to cure ailments – either of bodies or of souls. It grants the protection especially for those people, who travel for business, the bead protects them from unexpected and unpleasant surprises. Such people appreciate its help very much.


Fifty-four-eye dZi bead

It symbolizes turns for the better and inner freedom.


Seventy-two-eye dZi bead

It grants a connection with space energy and susceptibility to magic knowledge or powers, which people do not observe and do not suppose they have them. This bead grants luck for a long time. Seventy two is a magic numeric connected with the rhythms of Space and Earth, it maintains balance, grants magic knowledge and talents.


One hundred eight-eye dZi bead

It has a powerful protection too. As a rule, it is the altar bead, which includes the power of blessing of 108 Buddhas. Thanks to this power the bead can bring prosperity and luck in all the spheres of its owner’s life, i.e. in family relations, business, wealth and even hobby.

This bead helps to fulfill the wishes, to achieve the aims, to obtain powerful energetic potential both spiritual and physical. It is able to take the most concealed capabilities (intuition on the brick of foresight, healing and magic gift, if they are gifted by nature but were not detected before) out of the consciousness depth. For the practicing magicians this bead is a powerful accumulator of energy, which is a real assistant in all the rituals. For the politicians, managers, business owners it will become an assistant in business prosperity, if it is placed in the office of the manager. This bead will protect from competitors and intrigues. It also will distribute its power in 108 directions. In office such dZi bead energy can effect all the staff for collective success.


365-eye dZi bead

This is a big altar bead. This dZi bead has absorbed the power of all the dZi-eyes and is capable to grant celestial blessing to its owner during 365 days a year. As 365-eye dZi bead is always altar because of its complicated pattern, its powerful blessing spreads over and protects not only the family members but also the entire house.

In this article I provided you the information about the meaning of dZi bead eye number. The next article will advise you the meaning of fancy patterns and pictograms on Tibetan amulets.


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    • Hello, Laurence! You can see many interesting collectibles in my store. But the shop is on holiday at the moment (until September 25 , 2018). I have gone to a great trip to the countries of East Asia . If you have any questions, I’ll try to solve it’s on September 25 (2018) when I get back. But I promise to bring a lot of interesting vintage articles, old Tibetan amulets, Dzi beads. I believe it will be a good collection development for the shop.
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  2. What about a two eye meteorite DZi bead? What is the story behind it? Where did you acquire it. I purchased this one from you a few hours ago.

    • Hello dear Jason! Do not think that all dZi beads have a story. In the majority – neither age nor the history of beads is unknown. Regarding your purchase – a lot of complete information was given in the product description.
      I received it a long time ago, it was one of my old travels (meeting a collector in Northern China). One of the local Hongshan item collectors then sold me such beads quite expensive. I know that now many modern copies have appeared. But my objects of old collections are quite dear to me. By the way, this item has excellent magnetic properties.
      This item is not to traditional ancient dZi beads made of agate.
      I also do not attribute this item to the great antiquities and true specimens of Hongshan thousands of years old. This is a more modern item, made exactly in the style of Hongshan culture. Nevertheless, it is old, since kept for many years in my collection.

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    Does Any One Can Provide details about following type of Dzi , i did not found correct name or its purpose

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    • Hello Stanley! Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. I was on a big trip to East Asian countries. I just got back. All prices you can see in my store, all questions about prices also need to be written within the trading platform. I do not rush to sell all dzi beads, so I do not practice any urgent sale.

  5. hi, i have one dzi bead, i search about its pattern and design meaning. but didn’t find anything about it. if you can provide me email. i will send the picture to you

  6. Hey I am a Tibetan American and my father left me a dzi bead when he died I was curious if you could give me any information about it?

    • Hello dear Khangsing Chopel! It is difficult to give accurate information on photography, especially since I do not consider myself a great specialist in minerals. I know only about the energetic properties of dZi beads and the removal rituals.
      I hope for your understanding.

  7. Hi Natalie, if a man is dying for his own child, which dzi bead can help him? 3 eyes, 6 eyes or dorje?

    • hi ! my mum pass me 6 eye dzi but my zodiac sign Snake in 1977. may I know that I can use on it.?

      • Hello! Sorry for the late reply. I have been traveling in Southeast Asia for a long time and have just returned home. Yes, you can wear this dZi bead.

  8. Dear Natalia,

    I’ve noticed you don’t have a picture of a 14 eyed dzi on the description. I recently got one, very beautiful (my subjective opinion) with a silver inlay. I would gladly to send you the pictures of it for your website – just give me an e-mail address.

    • Hello, dear Petre! I apologize for not answering for a long time. I was sick (coronavirus). Fortunately, everything is great now!
      14 eyed dzi
      It symbolizes indoctrination, overcoming of barriers, spiritual growth, long life, influence.
      This dZi bead is rare. It is good for those who want to achieve spiritual height in spiritual practices. For example, for those who practice yoga, qigong and other meditative practices. This bead is good where consciousness, mental harmony, balance of mind and body with external world is important. It embodies enlightenment, gives long life. It also helps to achieve the goals and find good followers.

      You can read all the keys, rituals and energetic meaning of dZi beads in my book –
      Have a nice day

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    • Hello dear Haider! Sorry, I accidentally missed your comment.
      I do not consider myself a stone expert, but I can look and say a guess. But this will not be an expert opinion. Just my opinion. In addition, it is extremely difficult to give any definitions from the photo. If you wish, you can send me a photo to e-mail
      Once again I apologize for not responding immediately. Sincerely.

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