место силы

Place of power in the jungle

The abode of spirits and a giant snake (incarnating nagas).
Incredible peace and serenity. You can feel the energy of nature and even Mother Earth. You can see signs from Above. Stay on your own. Admire the Goddess of Goodness and Mercy, Kwan Yin, carved into the marble rock. Нave a walk around Buddhist stupas with shrines. Watch the turtles bask in the sun and swim in the pond. Immerse yourself in a state of meditation. The energy flow of this place is not open to everyone. But maybe this stream will open just for you.
This is the temple complex of  Wat Koh Wanararm on the island of Langkawi in Malaysia.

My dear international friends and readers of other countries!
I apologize for advance for possible inaccuracies in the translation into English (automatic Google translator is used) 😊

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