Wish-fulfilling stone gourd – always comes back

Each time, fulfilling the cherished wish of the next owner, this Wu-Lu temple gourd – comes back to me …

No one remembers how old this carved Wu-Lu gourd is. I attracted her in one of the antiquarian monastic shops in Southeast Asia many years ago. Even then, the Keeper of the Shop said that this ancient magic item grants wishes…
But in the end it turned out even more interesting. It’s not just about desires. Many years later, it turned out that after the fulfillment of the desire of the next owner, this stone gourd returned to me every time. This has happened for the fourth time in 8 years! This is just a miracle…

The fact is that each owner of this Wu-Lu made a certain vow, if his cherished desire is fulfilled, he will let go of the stone gourd further … But each time this Wu-Lu returned to me! This is a real mystic!

My dear international friends and readers of other countries!
I apologize for advance for possible inaccuracies in the translation into English (automatic Google translator is used) 😊

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