Tibetan wealth code

Tibetan wealth code in prayer beads

We collect the code prayer beads of wealth from Tibetan dZi beads.
Have you heard about a special number combination used in Tibetan and Taoist rites to attract cash flows? This combination of numbers is 7753191. This combination is often used as a kind of code for prosperity and financial well-being. It is recommended to write it down on a piece of paper, say it out loud in the order of numbers going from left to right. Another way to use this energy code is to use it in an energy rosary made from dZi beads.
In the video story below, I propose to see a version of the code beads that I have collected for myself. To do this, in the rosary, you need to connect in order the dZi beads with patterns of 7 eyes, 7 eyes, 5 eyes, 3 eyes, 1 eye, 9 eyes and again 1 eye.

While watching the video, you can use the subtitles of the language you need.

My dear international friends and readers of other countries!
I apologize for advance for possible inaccuracies in the translation into English (automatic Google translator is used) 😊

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