About myself


My name is Natalia, I welcome you in my Zen-Studio!

I will introduce you to my pieces of work inspired by my travelings in different countries. These are unusual articles, filled with energy: painted stones – mandalas, meaningful magic prayer beads, ornaments of ancient Tibetan amulets – dZi beads.

I got the ideas for artwork during my long and interesting travelings and communicating with extraordinary people. Mostly I visit China where one of the most mysterious places in the world is located – Tibet. Moreover, I visit Hong Kong, Malaysia, Siam and Andaman Islands and other countries. I often visit ancient monasteries which are called “places of strength” (These places are considered to have strong energy). I communicate there with lamas, shamans, collectors of ancient amulets and extraordinary indigo people who have some particular faculties. I learn a lot from these people.

Travelings inspire me new ideas for artwork. When I come back I make uncommon prayer beads and paint magic mandalas. Each my article is unique and filled with strong energy. My pieces of work are filled with meditation. They are performed to the strains of special mantras. All the details of the article bring a particular sense and energy supply. Many of them I select during my travelings to the sacred sites and places of strength, and then bring them with me. The patterns on the stones are not occasional as well. Each mandala is different. Each stone has its own sense and energy. This may be the energy of prosperity, love or luck.

You can learn more about my artwork as well as mysterious Tibetan amulets – dZi beads in other sections of my Zen-Studio. I will also tell you about my travelings, new articles and ideas for my artwork. A lot of interesting stories are waiting for you!