DZi-beads: the meaning of the patterns. Part II

In my last article I acquainted you with the meaning of dZi bead eye number. HERE you can see the patterns from 1 to 365 eyes on Tibetan talisman and what energy they bring. However, besides the traditional eyes there can be specific figures and symbols etched on dZi beads. Today I’m going to tell you about the most frequently met symbols. Let’s begin with the patterns-pictograms.

The meaning of the patterns-pictograms on dZi beads.


Ruyi dzi

This is one of the most famous dzi for prosperity and fulfillment of desires. It is no coincidence that it is characterized by the phrase “As you wish …”  Can help all family members stay away from accidents, disease or illness. The RuYi dzi will assist the owner to earn more money.
This dzi grants the owners wishes, when they are in accordance with the owners greater good. This dzi has a built in ability to know when a “want” is not in the best interests of the owner.

Money Hook

It resembles a dollar symbol.
Looks like a figure S. It is believed that the lucky S hook will bring happiness, wealth and prosperity to its owner. It will enhance its owner’s ability to accumulate wealth by crystallizing money-making opportunities for him. More importantly, it also will ensure that the wealth will be retained within his control and not slip away.


Ruyi Rod

This is the second famous dZi pictogram which effects the prosperity. If you look for power, acknowledgement and authority, if you wish to cope with any issue with maximum advantage, then this bead is for you. Ruyi Rod is ancient Taoist magic artifact, the symbol of spiritual perfection and power, it is like a magic wand in our fairy tales. It still can be met in China in a state of nature – made of wood and axe stone, precious metals and common iron. Its shape is a shape of “Lingzhi” Mushroom of Immortality, which the Taoists looked for in mountains. These rods were gifted to the imperators, the scientists and mystics acquired them. As time went on, the rod appeared on dZi bead in order to combine the power of wish fulfillment and mysterious bead energy. DZi Ruyi Rod embodies the energy of power, authority and career, sexual health and prosperity, wealth and spiritual perfection. Everything you wish is at your hand.


Medicine dZi bead (dZi bead of healing).

This dZi bead has a stripe in the middle. It is also called dZi bead of Medicine Buddha. This is a special healing bead, one of the most ancient forms of dZi, which energy is directed to provide its owner with health and long life. It is considered to become an assistant in healing and purification from bad energies.


Striped dZi-bead.

This bead helps to turn unfavorable situation into favorable one. If you listen to it, it will prompt you how to get what you want (provided that it won’t damage anybody). This bead promises harmonic life and prosperity to its owner– all you need is to get in tune with this bead, to feel and distinguish the signs which it will give you.



Tortoise is a long liver among animals. A man always wanted to have the strong body and long life as the tortoise has. This is what Tortoise-dZi grants to us. It not only strengthens health and protects against illness but also helps to get rid of material problems. Besides, the tortoise is wise – the bead grants this quality to its owner.

“Tortoise” pictogram can be applied on the bead separately or together with the eyes.

One of the types of such dZi bead is six-eye dZi bead of Tortoise, which combines the properties of two patterns.

Everybody knows the nine-eye dZi bead of Tortoise, which, besides attracting wealth, conveys a powerful protection against disasters. This is one of the most popular Tibetan beads.



The pattern on such bead resembles a two-head insect. This dZi bead grants health, long life and internal powers. Very often this bead goes together with a bat image which speeds up successful changes for the bead owner.



This is a special symbol for those who look for beauty and eternities. The lotus dZi bead grants attractiveness to its owner, brings harmony to his life, fills his heart with love. As the Buddhist symbol this bead helps to cleanse karma and grants the help of all the buddhas. Besides, lotus is a symbol of long life. Sometimes you can meet the beads with double or even triple symbol of lotus, which amplifies energy of the talisman.


The Universe Spiral (Life dZi, Snail).

This is an ancient symbol, which combines the universe harmony with the snail thoroughness. It is also some kind of maze – a mysterious symbol of space, which came to us from the depth of the centuries and can be met on all the continents. This bead grants striving, tirelessness in purpose achievements, long life and prosperity to its owner. Besides, this is the money dZi bead, which makes the universe turn to you and attracts its help in all the errands and dreams.


Holy plant.

This bead is unique. To meet it is the luck. This dZi bead embodies mystic and healing spirit of plants, which is capable to stir up the hidden powers and capabilities in its owner. The bead helps to cope with spiritual and physical ailments, cures the man with energy of nature. For those who want to be a healer this bead helps to display their gift and develop their capabilities for the benefit of other people.


Dharma Wheel (Dharmacakra).

This is one of the most powerful dZi beads with energy of Luck. The symbol applied on it resembles Dharmacakra started by Shakyamuni Buddha when he began his sermon. Dharma Wheel will help you to obtain wisdom, to avoid serious mistakes in life, to achieve enlightenment and to call for all the buddhas help.



Bodhi is the name of the tree, under which Shakyamuni Buddha achieved enlightenment. It embodies generosity and gentleness, warmth and mercy, love for neighbors and love for yourself. Love, as you know, helps to achieve unachievable things. This bead will protect you against disasters and misfortunes, will eliminate doubts and obstacles, will lead you by safe way during your life. Bodhi-dZi is often used by students as well as by those who plan to present the project to a head or investor. It is considered that this bead will give confidence to its owner and accumulate his internal powers.


Ho tu (fylfot, “Wan”).

Fylfot is one of the most ancient symbols, which came to us from the times when there was no writing and people thought not by ideas but by images – “hieroglyphs”. This is a symbol for life, sun, fertility and consequently for luck and happiness. All these things are granted by Ho tu dZi bead. It helps its owner to develop all the positive qualities, makes his mind and consciousness clear. Special protection is extended to those who have juridical issues: as this is the sun bead it always helps to contend for truth. Fylfot is always applied on Buddha’s heart according to Buddhist tradition. It means that this bead helps to reach out to mercy heart.


Nectar Vessel.

This bead pattern prompts its meaning. This is the heart, above which (or inside of which) there is a cross. The heart is the essence of the man, it is a storehouse for his mind, memory, feelings and hopes. The cross is the symbol of the sun which sends us light and life all the year round. If we consider this pattern as the Buddhist symbol, it is the vessel with amrita, food for the gods, their milk and honey, which flow like water in Pure Lands paradise. This dZi bead brings the great luck to its owner, provides wealth and long life without rigours. It grants prosperity to businessmen, wisdom to those who are anxious for knowledge, enlightenment to those who look for spiritual path.


Big man (Aristocrat).

Protector dZi and Guardian-Angel dZi are called so. This dZi bead embodies our unseen protector and guardian, who will be next to you in any situation and will help to turn the circumstances for your benefit. It will give you self-confidence, will attract friends, partners, protectors and advisers to you. It will correct your karma and will lay the demons. It is the embodiment of spirit of ancient warrior who is ready to protect you and who will never betray you.



Heart is the heart. Our life and power are in the heart. This dZi bead helps us to restore the connection with this power, to find ourselves, to obtain control over potential of our body, mind and soul. It improves health, brings love and sustains life. Sometimes, in order to amplify the energy of the bead, two hearts are drawn on it – this bead is useful for those who look for love, it is like the two-eye dZi bead. The beads, which have pictograms in the shape of hearts, are often called “Buddha’s hearts”. Depending on the number of hearts – two, three etc., they are called “two Buddha’s hearts or three Buddha’s hearts and so on. By the way, the hearts can be added with other symbols, often with the eyes or the pictogram of Tiger’s teeth (for protection).


Phoenix’s eye.

If you are interested in meditation, if you look for meaning of the world, then Phoenix’s eye will help you to see the mysterious light of Tibetan stone Cintamani – the heart of all things. It is considered that dZi beads with such pattern restore health, grant long life and luck and eliminate fuss.

Phoenix can rebirth from ash. This bead gives the opportunity not to focus on pain and problems of past, it helps to obtain new happy life.


Sky and Ground. Universe portal
(Constellation, Double Gates).

The square of ground and the circle of sky – these are the most sustainable things. This dZi bead will bring these things to your life. Sometimes inside the square and inside the circle you can see a dot – this type of the bead has specific mystic energy: it became the portal for connection of Sky and Ground, some kind of a corridor, through which you will get knowledge about past and future. Ground is the basis for life. Sky is the basis for plans and dreams. That’s why this bead is useful for businessmen and for those who want to fulfill dreams.


Sun and Moon (Universe).

Two luminaries on one bead – is simultaneously simple and complicated symbol. This is both clarity, which the bead gives to understand what is happening, and two basic energies of the universe, yin and yang, which it harmonizes. This is a specific dZi bead, it helps its owner to realize his mission, to plan the way of self-actualization and successfully follow it. This bead will help those who are pure in heart, sincere, who look for truth and who are ready to share with energy. The bead itself will become the source of energy, that’s why its owner shouldn’t be afraid of exhausting.



The pattern on this bead can be different – it can be a dot, a five-pointed star or a symbol resembling a snowflake. But the energy concluded in it is permanent: this is your true guide to spiritual continuums. This bead is rare – one star is not very often depicted on it. So, if you have this bead, you should know that you have a powerful magnet of prosperity in your hands. Use this energy for the benefit and it will never be exhausted.


Three luminaries.

This is a the dZi bead with the symbols of three luminaries – sun, half-moon and star.

The Sun and the Moon balance the energies of opposite poles. The star lights up the way to purpose. This dZi bead promotes enlightenment in all the spheres of life. It will help to find your way and live in harmony with the external world and yourself.


Four elements (Four virtues).

This bead has the power of four elements: fire, water, ground and air. This is a really explosive mixture for those who are ready to change the life greatly. Thanks to the elements, each of which works with its own energy, you will get help from four sides simultaneously. First of all, you will have success in all endeavors. Secondly, you will get acute mind, clear consciousness and wisdom in decision making. Thirdly, you will get calm and confidence, your life quality will improve. At last, like with a wave of a wand all the obstacles will disappear and the problems, which seemed to be insoluble, will be solved.


Yin and Yang (Taiji).

This is one more bead, in which the powers of sky and ground are centered – this is the bead of prime elements, of yin and yang, which exist in harmony making the universe live according to the law of harmony and justice. This dZi bead will help its owner to order his energy, to connect to a bottomless reservoir of the universe and even to get to the mystery of space, provided that the owner improves himself.


Wave (Fountain of abundance)

Wave is the symbol of wealth, which is inexhaustible like the ocean. This bead carries the power of water and vomits the blessing to his owner. It grants prosperity, happiness, power and protection. Water is also the image of our feelings, which this bead helps to harness, to align and focus them. This bead will be useful for those who want to be out of doldrums and remove emotional blocks.


Mount (Peak).

This dZi bead symbolizes courage in the face of danger, promotion, sense of purpose and success. It will help its owner to fulfill himself in business and in private life. This bead is similar in appearance and in energy to the Tiger’s teeth bead.


Tiger’s Teeth.

This is men’s dZi bead with powerful energy. It destroys fears, amplifies self-confidence, develops courage and internal power. It helps to eliminate the obstacles and to achieve luck and success. It helps businessmen to win the competitors, opens new opportunities and eliminates the obstacles on the way to success. If you present this bead to a child, it will protect him when you can’t.



This is a bead of enlightenment, protection, power of spirit and clear mind. Vajra is a Buddhist sacral thing – weapon of Indra god. In Tibetan “vajra” means “lightning strike”. It symbolizes Yang of the universe and together with the bell (which symbolizes Yin) is used in sacral practice. This bead embodies healing, helps to get rid of habits. Like sacral vajra this bead helps to wade off evil spirits, to win the demons and to realize the truth. The pattern on the bead can be crosswise doubled – such bead has the name of “Double vajra”.

The pictograms of vajra can be different. In some types there simultaneously can be the eyes on the beads. There also can be diamond-shaped patterns which symbolize vajra-diamond (one more meaning of the symbol).


Padmasambhava Hat (or Dharma Hat).

Padmasambhava (“Lotus-Born”) – is Indian Buddhist master, who is honored like the second Buddha and called Precious Teacher (Guru Rinpoche). He incarnated as an eight-year-old boy in a lotus blossom, was the master of famous Indian tsar Ashoki, travelled to Tibet, where he overmastered evil spirits and made them protect Buddhology, and when his mission on the Earth ended, he enheavened on Mahabala horseback. All this great power is included in this dZi bead. This bead grants protection of the gods and buddhas, purifies physically and spiritually, brings out internal powers and talents, grants health and helps in self-improvement. If you treat the bead like sacral Buddhist thing, it will lead you to a wise master and push for enlightenment. This dZi bead will improve your life in any case.

The interesting fact is that this bead is often divided into “men” and “women” items. It doesn’t have to be worn depending on your sex. Some people need more women energy (if they lack kindness, warmth and understanding). In this case Dharma Hat will be useful for them. This bead is also called “Wise heart”.

If you need more men energy, it’s better to attract this type of Dharma Hat (see the picture below). Managers, politicians, businessmen, who have to overcome competition, often need men energy and internal power.



It means wisdom in study and science, making of correct decisions.



The spider weaves nets to catch luck. At the same time it throws the net over the enemy. It also helps to fulfill creative plans.


Lightning and Mystic knot.

This bead helps to withstand negative powers, to overcome the obstacles and to attract luck and wealth.

This bead is also called Lightning and 5 eyes, because these 5 eyes form the knot on one side of the dZi bead. In this case 5 eyes symbolize the power of five gods of wealth, and the mystic knot itself symbolizes great luck and fortune.


In my next article you will know about the meanings of figures of deities and mythic animals on the dZi beads.


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    • I like to wear a dZi bead on a string (necklace). But if you like bracelets, you can wear any dzi with a with a Pi xiu bracelet too. This is normal. Pi xiu – gives additional protection.

  1. Thanks for this article. I would like to find out the meaning of the symbol “magic weapon” on a dzi bead. Can you offer any information on this? (It isn’t a diamond shape like a dorje or vajra. Not an insect. Nor longevity. It sometimes has the vajra symbol on the reverse side though. Kind Regards.

    • Dear Kay Self, thank you for your feedback. Attach a photo of the pattern and I will try to decipher its meaning. Have a nice day. Sincerely…

  2. Hi Natalia,
    I’ve collected many Dzi and I adore the Dzi art. How can you sense the dzi’s power? Is it true that wearing the dzi corresponds to the Chinese zodiac?

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