Браслет-амулет Сила Дракона

Amulet Bracelet – Dragon Power 🐉

Amulet bracelet with Tibetan dZi bead 6 eyes – Dragon Eyes and Vajra. Protection and Victory. Confidence. Fearlessness.
Dzi bead 6 eyes Dragon Eyes and Vajra in Tibet is considered a feng shui amulet of powerful Protection, Confidence and Fearlessness, Victory over evil and enemies, a talisman against Evil.

bracelet material:

  • agate dZi bead in dragon skin with pictogram 6 eyes Dragon Eyes and Vajra — 36 x 12 mm
  • leopard agate and tiger eye beads – 10 mm
  • carnelian dZi beads with dragon engraving – 11 mm
  • separating jade roundels yellow tinted – 8 x 5 mm
  • dragon charm pendant – 30 x 13 mm
  • charm pendant Vajra scepter with carnelian beads 6 mm – 16 x 16 mm
  • connecting bead “Tibetan silver” (silver-colored alloy) – 11 mm diameter
  • Elastic fishing line

Friends, I apologize for advance for possible inaccuracies in the translation into English (automatic Google translator is used)

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