Money prayer beads Gifts of Ganesha

Money prayer beads Gifts of Ganesha 🐘🕉

Look at the massage therapist – the elephant (video below)? This kid inspired me to create a prayer beads of monetary energy – the Gift of Ganesha. This prayer beads is made of red eyes agate. They also have two carved dZi beads Lotus and Ganesha.

🐘🕉 Ganesha is a well-known elephant-faced deity in East Asia. In Tibet, Ganesha personifies the Red Dzambala (Deity of Wealth). It is believed that turning to Ganesha removes obstacles, attracts wealth and abundance, helps the development of business, any business and undertaking.

Money prayer beads Gifts of Ganesha

My dear international  friends and readers of other countries! I apologize for advance for possible inaccuracies in the translation into English (automatic Google translator is used) 😊

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