Batu caves energy (video)

I always visit this place when I am in Malaysia. The real kingdom of the monkey king Hanuman and the abode of the god of the Hindus – Murugan. Tamil rituals of self-torture are held here, which are banned in India itself. Batu ritual caves formed about 400 million years ago. They are natural, not artificial. And only then sanctuaries, altars and temple complexes were built inside. Around the unusual atmosphere and strong energy. But a pardox. Energy is not for everyone. Many tourists who come here will complain about the stuffiness and mess that the ubiquitous monkeys living in the caves make here. Whoever seeks something finds it…

For me, the Batu caves are spirits flying around. Amazing energy of a prayed place and grandiose rituals. Here I charge objects on altars, make wishes, talk to Hanuman and the deities, although I am not a Hindu. But there is only one energy. It just comes in different forms. That’s why I feel the energy. This place always inspires me to new creative ideas, the creation of new energy items, rosaries and jewelry from amulets, dZi beads in particular. New thoughts are born, new energy flows are accepted……

In the video below, you can go up the stairs with me to the most important Temple Cave. Feel the atmosphere inside, listen to the sounds reigning in the caves.

Have a great video trip!


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And some photos…

Hanuman – king of the monkeys


At the foot of the hill, in front of the entrance to the steps, there is a gilded statue of the Hindu deity – Murugan, 43 meters high. It was built for 3 years. What took 250 tons of steel beams, 1550 cubic meters of concrete and 300 liters of gold paint. According to legend, Murugan defeated an evil demon. This is the deity of war and victories, standing guard over justice and even … love.


Monkeys are everywhere…

Monkeys are everywhere

Храм в Светлой пещере Бату Храм в пещере Бату Ганеша кавади - самоистязание на празднике Тайпусам



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