Protection of business and power of spirit

One day some unexpected troubles for my business and my family happened to me. I don’t want to speak about it now but at that time I felt anxious.

When I visited Tibetan monastery I asked a Buddhist monk – lama about my trouble. He performed a ritual and asked me what I was feeling at that moment. At that moment I felt that I wanted to create and do something good.

I made the prayer beads for my protection and for the protection of my business and family. I was doing everything how I was feeling from above. These were the prayer beads made of black onyx with a dZi bead and a dragon-like dog Pi Xiu (Pi Yao) made of tiger’s eye. I can’t explain why I made two copies of such prayer beads. I began to use one of them. And all my troubles disappeared as they never had been. It was such amazing and incredible when everything cleared up! I was very happy at that moment! I still use these prayer beads for my protection.

I keep the second copy of these prayer beads, I don’t know why and for whom… Perhaps, someone will feel that these are the prayer beads he needs at the moment to protect his business, his family and empower him!

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