My travellings around holy places

I am a journalist and a traveler. I have been travelling around holy places of Eastern Asia for many years and I have been looking for interesting magic things and sacral amulets.

I bring a lot of ancient and modern exotic things. Most of all I like Tibetan amulets and of course I like dZi beads! I collect dZi beads all over the world, many of them are very valuable for me. I always study the energy of amulets and magic things and learn how to use them properly. I got used to “energetically charging” all the magic amulets. I do it because I am sure by my personal example that thanks to such “charging” the power of the amulets is increasing.

Many dZi beads and other exotic things are blessed and therefore they are energetically charged by Buddhist monks-lamas in Tibet. I know it but additionally try to charge the things which I got in different places of the Earth Power.

Thus, for example, I charge the things in sacral caves of Hindu – Batu. Also I walk Wisdom Path (Holy Eight) with my amulets on the land of Po Lin Monastery. I always bless dZi beads in Buddhist pagodas. I always ask the monks to bless the amulets for happiness and fulfilment of dreams of the future owner of this thing (provided that these wishes are fair, kind and true).

It is very difficult to describe the whole way of my amulets, magic and sacral things in one issue. This is a very long story. I hope to tell you about it in my coming articles.


Below is the picture of Wisdom Path (Holy Eight) of Buddhist Po Lin Monastery. There are wood pillars with symbols cut on them – Heart Sutras around the monastery.

I am in the middle of Holy Eight (the picture below).

One more picture below is the picture of Hindu Batu caves – the charging of dZi beads on the altar of sacral caves…

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