энергетические четки из лазурита

Old Tibetan amulet and energetic prayer beads

One day, when I was in Malaysia, in one of pagoda’s antique shops I saw several fantastic amulets-pendants with Om sacred sign (Tibetan writing of the sign). I couldn’t take my eyes off them…

The shop keeper said that these Om amulets were rather old. They were hand made by the monks of one of Tibetan temples specially for the future prayer beads. They used stone, metal and colored enamel (cloisonné) for the amulets. That was really handmade work. The amulets were really old, there were stamps of time on them… Nevertheless, some special strength and powerful energy was felt from these amulets. However, it is not surprising as Om pendants were made to prayers with special rituals.

Soon Om amulet became the part of these charming energetic prayer beads. They are made of lazurite, which helps to get rid of the mistakes of the past and to begin new life, it also helps to heal the soul, it promises to get rid of bad energy, negative thoughts, bodes luck as well as fulfillment of the projects. Tibetan amulets such as 3 eyes of luck, guru bead made of cornelian and charming yellow tassel brought from pagoda became a good addition to the prayer beads.

4 thoughts on “Old Tibetan amulet and energetic prayer beads

  1. Practitioners believe the beads are a direct link to the deity and the beads through these repetitions offer spiritual and healing powers as well as better understanding.

  2. Our Buddhist 108 prayer beads Malas are generally made from different materials such as wooden beads like agarwood, Sandlewood, Bodhi Seed, Scentedrosewood, Rosesandlewood.

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