феншуйские четки

Feng shui prayer beads – joy and positive

As of today the type of feng shui prayer beads is rather rare, unusual and unfamiliar. This is the special type of prayer beads which carry the energy of positive, joy and comfortable life to easily overcome obstacles and fulfill the dreams.

Now there are few masters who make feng shui prayer beads. They shouldn’t have 108 beads necessarily, these prayer beads may contain different number of grains of lucky feng shui numbers. Nevertheless, 108 is more interesting, to my mind, as it can give more energy and tints. Besides, these prayer beads can be used as jewelry (necklace, for example).

The main distinctive feature of feng shui prayer beads is unusual bright colors, colorful beads of all kinds, which are iridescent (lampwork and Murano glass can also be used) and, of course, feng shui talismans which are used as dividing beads or as the pendants. These can be the beads and the figures in the shape of Maneki Neko – a happy cat of Luck, for example, Ts’ai shen god of wealth, 3-leg toad pendant, different crystals and many other feng shui subjects.

Feng shui prayer beads are not referred to the religious ones. They are rather accompanying thing for harmonic attitude for joy, positive and luck. This is the talisman with positive energy. It fits for everybody.

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