Spring and Love Energy…

The idea of these prayer beads appeared during my walk along Buddhist Wisdom Path of Holy Eight on Po Lin Monastery surrounding area.

Once again I walked along Wisdom Path to carry my amulets by Holy Eight road along which the wooden pillars with Heart Sutras were set. The sun shone brightly. Suddenly beautiful butterflies appeared. They flew around me and were not afraid of anybody and sat on my hands. It was a feeling of miracle, beauty, even my breath stopped. Energy of love, beauty and happiness was filling me. I remembered that among my amulets I had charming cloisonné butterflies. Then I got the idea to make energetic prayer beads of Love. Let the butterflies fly around and happiness fill the heart…

Above is a variant of energetic prayer beads made of amethyst, below is the prayer beads made of translucent rose quartz.

четки Любви и Романтики

Energetic prayer beads of Love

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