Загадочные камни из гоби-агата

Mysterious gobi-agate dZi stones

In ancient times these unusual stones were well known to Tibetan shamans. They were used as the type of dZi stones to be protected from evil spirits and jinx as well as to attract luck.

Only several decades ago such stones with mysterious relief eyes were believed to have disappeared. But not long time ago their stocks were found in the Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia (one of China regions is called so), on the lands where the successors of Khasar – Genghis Khan’s brother – lived. Unusual stones with eyes got the name of gobi-agate.

In fact the stone is a result of merging of minerals (agates and chalcedonies) with basalt, quartz crystals and slate stones as well as with relics. The relief eyes have been forming for thousands of years in earth interior. It seems as if the nature itself creates the unique stone carving…

The gobi-agate eyes are very beautiful and multilayer, they are not even ground. The stone is taken, the hole is drilled in it and the resulting bead is threaded to the bracelet, the bead string, and the pendant is made…

Gobi-agate bracelet.

Sometimes it is used to make separate compositions or ornaments of pots with Bonsai trees. That is why the Japanese call this stone “Gobi-agate Suiseka Bonsai”…

This is not only the unique creation of nature but also a powerful talisman preserving from evil and the amulet for luck.

Mining of gobi-agate is in high gear now. However, the Tibetan shamans believe that the Heavens opened this natural treasure for people not for a long period of time and it will disappear soon as sudden as it appeared. Their opinion is shared by the scientists who think that the stocks of the “eye stone” are limited and they will disappear in the nearest future.

Gobi-agate beads.

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