четки Любви и Романтики

The prayer beads with energy of Love and Romanticism

These are not just  common prayer beads. They are a real talisman of love. The principal thing is to follow the secrets of making.

The real masters of energetic prayer beads know that such articles require much attention to different details. To accumulate necessary energy the master uses not only special materials but also additional amulets which have a particular energy.
In this case I am speaking about the prayer beads with energy of Love and Romanticism. Usually in such prayer beads women are interested. Some women want to salve a marriage, some women – to harmonize and improve their relations with tge beloved and the others want to attract a helpmate to their life.
Such minerals as rose quartz, amethyst and cornelian are used for making the prayer beads with Love energy. Certainly there are other stones that can be used.
Since olden times rose quartz has been considered to be the mineral of romantic relations and Love energy. It can attract the beloved, “soulmate”, if you don’t have such yet. That is why if you look for Love it is better to choose prayer beads, in which rose quartz prevails (used as the main stone).
If rose quartz in the prayer beads is combined with some number of amethyst beads, it will be great.

Amethyst is very powerful material. Every woman is recommended to have at least one article made of amethyst (or just a stone-talisman). This stone is believed to keep hearth and home and family faith, to bring luck to your home. If you already have the beloved it is better to choose amethyst prayer beads to improve relations, keep and harmonize them. Besides, rose quartz stones can be added. The combination of the beads made of amethyst and rose quartz is considered to be energetically strong for attracting Love, romanticism, harmony in family and domestic bliss. It is much better when such prayer beads are supplied with different curved meaningful pendants. These can be roses, butterflies (a symbol of happiness and luck in High places), morning glory (which is associated with burgeon of love in Eastern Asia).
Most subjects for such prayer beads are brought from temples or blessed there. Besides, master is making energetic prayer beads of Love and Romanticism to the strains of particular tunes, mantras with special creative spirit.
The finished article is not only very beautiful but also has powerful energetic properties. That is why you can wear such prayer beads like talisman without any additional rituals made with it.

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