Prayer beads-talismans of wishes fulfillment

One more type of interesting prayer beads is the prayer beads with energy which sends the wishes of a person to space, in other words, the prayer beads of the wishes fulfillment. Mainly they are made of translucent quartz, crystal (both rock and artificial), different types of elegant glass beads.

The use of translucent beads for making such energetic prayer beads is associated with beautiful legend (based on the real events). In Sian, a China town, one yogini, named Yatou, used the crystal prayer beads for mantras and prayers. One day Yatou read Green Tara mantra 100 thousand times at a stretch, fingering her crystal prayer beads and asking Tara for her heart’s desire fulfillment. After that many witnesses saw how Yatou’s crystal prayer beads became green. “Tara has heard you!” – cried people. Indeed Yatou knew soon that her heart’s desire had fulfilled.

Since then the crystal beads have been used in energetic prayer beads of the wishes fulfillment. These prayer beads are considered to help to bring one’s heart’s desire to Higher Forces if they are made correctly.

четки-талисманы Исполнения желаний

Of course, in such prayer beads a careful attention is paid to additional details. These are special prayer drums, mystic knots, sometimes these are the threads gradually differing in color etc.

Making prayer beads-talismans with the energy, which is sent by a person to space, depends on many nuances. Masters know that such prayer beads shall be made with special creative spirit and heavenly thoughts. When making prayer beads it is important to use special pagoda’s amulets and perform rituals. That’s why I, being a master too, won’t disclose all my secrets.

Many people ask if it is necessary to be a Buddhist and read Green Tara prayers to be able to use energetic prayer beads of the wishes fulfillment.

In my experience I know a lot of situations when people used energetic prayer beads of the wishes fulfillment without knowledge of any mantras or Tara prayers and Buddhism at all. The prayer beads just became their talismans, and by fingering them, people just asked Higher Forces to fulfill their wishes. It worked!

Nevertheless, remember that when you ask Higher Forces for something, your wishes shall be kind, fare and shall not hurt anybody. Green Tara hates evil, it gets rid of it.

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